$ 19 /month

Call Controls
(Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Call Blocking)

Unlimited Local Calls

Free Installation and Hardware
($100 value)



$ 29 /month

All Essentials Plan features

Unlimited Canada calling

Unlimited US calling


Visual Voicemail

Low-cost calling rates



$ 59 /month

All Regular Plan features

Additional 2nd Phone Line

Custom Greeting Message

Smart Call Routing

Call Holding w/ Music

Call Transfer

2 Visual Voicemails



$ 99 /month

All Pro Plan features

Powerful Data Analytics

Call Recording
(2 channels)


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"LitenVoice is extremely proud of our 100% customer retention rate."

"Clinic Supplies Canada has worked with LitenVoice since 2012. As our company grows, they've come through for us every time with ease and expertise."

Sharon Chang.

Market Manager
Clinic Supplies Canada

"The voice quality of their service is excellent and dependable. Their support staff are very friendly and responds in a timely fashion. I highly recommend LitenVoice"

Annie Wang

Minoko Nail Studio Group
Non Profits

Non profits help make our communities a little better and we want to return the favour. That's why we offer 20% off all services for non profits. You keep making the world a better place and we will keep helping you fight the good fights.

First Time Owner

Opening a business is not easy, every decision is so much more important at the beginning and we want to make it a little easier for you. During the first year of your new business you will get 20% off all services. By helping you succeed, we succeed.


We were students once too. We had a twinkle in our eyes and no money in our pockets as well, we know its hard enough just getting groceries and studying, let alone starting a business. That's why we hook up students with any phone plan for 50% off.

Plan Comparision

Essential Regular Professional Analytics
Keep Your Number
Call Control
Call Blocking
Unlimited Local Calls
Unlimited Canada Calls
Unlimited US Calls
Low Cost International Rates
Visual Voicemail
x1 x2 x2
Second Phone Line1
Custom Greeting Message1
Smart Call Routing
Music On Hold
Call Transfer
Powerful Data Analytics
Call Recording
Works with Regular Phones

1: Unlimited Local/Canada/USA calls does not include calls to Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut and LitenVoice reserves the right to suspend services when excessive usage is detected, as determined in the sole discretion of LitenVoice. For full details, click here for Terms of Service.

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