How is LitenVoice different from other digital phone service providers? back to top

LitenVoice is one of few digital phone service companies that provides professional on-site installation and customer support. Our unparalleled features are miles ahead of our competitions. We've even developed our own hardware to facilitate seamless transition to LitenVoice from your previous telecom provider, which is an industry first!

Can I transfer my existing phone number to LitenVoice and how long will the process take? back to top

You can port over your existing phone number in 4-7 business days. Our exclusive LitenVoice adapter enables a seamless transition from your previous service provider.. No need to mess with switching the phone plugs or equipment yourself and risk costly down time on the day of porting. Just use your phone normally and our adapter will switch you over seamlessly in the background. Its that easy!

How do I setup all these advanced features, it seems complicated? back to top

Simple, our consultant will ask you a few questions and setup everything for you according to your needs. No complicated programming necessary.

Are there any risk of temporary service outage during porting process? back to top

Unlike other service providers, there's no risk of temporary service outage during porting process with our unique LitenVoice adapters. Our professional installer will pre-install our adapter at your premise prior to porting. Afterwards you can just use your phone normally and our adapter will switch you over automatically when porting is complete.

Do I need to install anything myself? back to top

No. In order to ensure call quality, we insist on providing installation by a qualified service technician.

Does LitenVoice provide installation services? back to top

Yes we do provide free on-site installation.

Are there any installation charges? back to top

No, installation is free with normal installations.

Do I need to buy any new equipment? back to top

No, LitenVoice adapter is provided free of charge. Our enhanced phone service works with regular touchtone phone. No special IP phone is required.

Are there any setup fees? back to top

No, there is no setup fee.

Do I need a computer to use LitenVoice? back to top

No you don't need a computer to use LitenVoice.

What happens when internet goes down? back to top

Just setup your Network Failover Number in your online account, and when your internet connection is interrupted, all calls are automatically forwarded within 15 minutes to the phone number you provided.

Can I fax with LitenVoice? back to top

Yes, all LitenVoice plans come with a dedicated fax line at no additional charge. You can send/receive faxes as PDF files using our internet fax feature or send them using a fax machine.

How is the voice quality? back to top

LitenVoice voice quality is on par with traditional landline phone service.

Does LitenVoice phone line work with my alarm system? back to top

LitenVoice does not work with alarm systems at this time. However our client can upgrade to cellular alarm monitoring service at a discounted $25/month rate through our partners.

Can I call 911? back to top

Yes, enhanced 911 service is included. Note that our 911 dialing service does not work in the event of a broadband or power outage or if your internet or LitenVoice phone service is terminated.

Can I create my own personal greetings? back to top

Yes you can.

What is your international calling rates? back to top

Seehere for our competitive international calling rates.